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BoCG Ventures is an antifragile investment fund and venture operating firm specializing in executing technology-enabled ventures and enterprises for market leading value creation.

Our History
A rich history of high performance and transactions with global brands
BoCG Ventures comes with decades of experience and expertise with some of the greatest brands and institutions in the world. We are often referred to as “the best kept secret” in private equity and venture capital by our preferred partners and associations.  

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Why BoCG Ventures?

Our boutique advisory, investment, and venture development firm is focused on designing companies that endure past tomorrow. We are the only antifragile firm and fund that employs a hands-on operational Venture Operating Model (VOM) framework to pinpoint innovative solutions for those who value data-driven growth in both local and global markets to achieve scale and enduring returns.

Dedicated Asset Exposure

At the core of our ability to generate differentiated investment opportunities is our antifragile ethos. By utilizing a hands-on approach to venture development, BoCG Ventures is able to define, package, and execute projects to scale. The three VOM stages: Discovery, Engagement, and Execution ensure that there is a clear northstar for each project along with a defined strategic roadmap and operational framework for execution. Our goal is to build value through antifragile innovation, clear product-engineering roadmaps, and sustainable business models.

Antifragile Fund

BoCG Ventures’ commitment to antifragile brands is central to our investment thesis. Our conviction maintains that antifragile portfolios achieve greater long-term, risk-adjusted returns. By funding projects where the adaptation of technology is a central tenet for growth and scalability, we are building portfolios that outperform the market. Similarly, our focus on investing for the long-term and through the boom and bust of market cycles is reflected in our desire to tackle emerging markets, adopt cutting-edge technologies, and define innovative business models.

Core Services

Our methodology is applied across all core services.


Advising buy-side and sell-side M&A.

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Scalability Design

Creating innovation roadmaps.

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Go-to-Market and global expansions.

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Deal Management

End-to-end transactional advisory.

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Growth Strategies

Key expertise in product led growth.

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Venture Operations

Hands-on venture development.

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Innovation Experts and Practitioners

Are you seeking a career that places you at the forefront of innovation?


Develop an emerging market trend into an industry leading practice through a personalized entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) experience with our team.

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Get exposed and in the trenches with institutions, startups, and scaling companies to positions your career as an innovation professional.

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Discover our growth and succession planning efforts by becoming a leader groomed from Discovery to Execution into C-Level Management.

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Partner Ecosystem

Working with BoCG Ventures includes access to top tier partners - structured with personalization to scale our investment portfolio companies and advisory clients.

  • Financial Partners that co-invest, syndicate, and follow-on our structured investments.

  • Service Partners that provide mission critical advisory support across transactions and counsel.

  • Development Partners that complement the scalability roadmaps that grow our portfolio assets and clients.

Focus Areas

BoCG Ventures started with a simple thesis: the future is antifragile. Our firm is resolute in our efforts to work with clients and portfolio managers to help them achieve long-term success. Our stage- and industry-agnostic model allows us to devise scale at any stage of a company’s life cycle. Our operational differentiator is the BoCG Ventures VOM approach that allows us to directly partner with management and leadership teams throughout their growth cycles. This hands-on model derisks our investment portfolio and provides pragmatic accountability to investment capital.

Local Markets

Innovation transcends borders. BoCG Ventures operates a broad entrepreneurial ecosystem in the United States, Asia and Europe. Our focus is finding local ventures that can scale globally.

Global Reach

Led by an international team, BoCG Ventures is focused on technology transfer, global commercialization, international markets, as well as ecosystem development in other regions.

Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better." - Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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Blockchain, Web3, Decentralized Technologies
Fintech and banks need a cultural reconciliation: risk appetite and tolerate trial and errors." - Hughes Delcourt
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Financial Technology, Alternative Lending
The intelligent use of science and technology are the tools with which to achieve a new direction." - Jacque Fresco
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Biotechnology, Medtech, DeSci
The very idea of exercise is to gain from antifragility to workout stressors—as we saw, all kinds of exercise are just exploitations of convexity effects." - Nassim Taleb
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Personalized Medicine, Wellness, Digital Health