The future of antifragility is already here.

BoCG Ventures was founded by the leadership behind BoCG, Inc. with the goal of creating a Venture Operating Model (VOM) based on decades of success and failures in private equity and venture capital. The VOM is designed to fund innovative ventures and position them for success by developing antifragile operating systems to deliver superior results.


Our Story

BoCG Ventures was founded by two partners who met during a dualistic journey in New York City. Each were respectively hired by different firms to complete the same mandate: grow, scale, and exit an asset. The two shared an intrinsic belief that there was a data-driven way to design scalable ventures through a structured capital stack, backed by fundamentals, and accelerated through technology. The founders’ professional experience across startups, academia, private companies, and corporations drives the firm's foundation, which was solidified when scaling their antifragile thesis from mature to emerging markets.
The firm is known for creating a Venture Operating Model (VOM) supported by an antifragile investment arm. The group focuses on partnering with private equity firms, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, institutional investors, venture capital firms, and other financial stakeholders to provide qualitative growth strategies, investments, and execution support to companies. The team at BoCG Ventures combines expertise across strategy, operations, finance, technology, systems design, investment management, and sovereign wealth to restructure an investment’s capital stack and drive scalable value creation.

Our Principles

At the heart of our thesis is antifragility. We drive antifragility in each of our engagements, portfolio companies, and partnership models. It is the backbone of our scalability framework and is the pinnacle of the mentality needed to accelerate innovation-driven companies.


Across sectors

In balancing our practice of innovation and management within growth roadmaps, our firm is intrinsically and fully fundamentals-driven. We build the foundation of each growth opportunity with fundamentals across finance, operations, and technology across each scalability roadmap.


For every foundation

As responsible investors and business entrepreneurs, we are duly focused on operational excellence and accountable leadership. Through our emphasis and critical position in scalable operations, we are able to manage risk for every company when executing against scalable roadmaps.


To manage risk
Global and Market Leading Expertise
About Us

BoCG Ventures is a leading antifragile fund that employs a hands-on operational framework to source and develop investment opportunities. We scour the globe for innovative and scalable companies to add to the fund. Our stage- and industry-agnostic model allows us to engage with a wide variety of companies at any point of their life cycle. The operational differentiator lies in our proprietary venture operating model (VOM) which allows us to directly partner with management teams to optimize success while minimizing risk. Our portfolio companies are designed for scale during economic booms and they remain resilient during worldwide market shocks due to their ability to offer robust value.

Our expertise enables insight into the most innovative blockchain-based applications and encapsulates all our asset management activities. The leadership and governance at BoCG Ventures spans corporations and institutions such as HerbaLife, UPenn Law, Pepperdine, UC San Diego, Warby Parker, Christie's International, Asmak, Al Ghurair Investments and more. We hold community-based positions across philanthropic, cultural, global policy, financial societies, higher education, and real estate groups.

Key Leadership Takeaways
  • Our value proposition to companies provides them with a sustainable competitive advantage
  • We have a hands-on, service-oriented model across funding, operations, and development
  • Our investment growth strategy is designed to scale with human and technical infrastructure

Leadership and Management

BoCG Ventures is a highly analytical, strategic, and a technology-focused team of experts - driven by a singular vision of pushing the boundaries of innovation through antifragility.

Lyon Kassab
Managing General Partner

Lyon drives the firm's strategic execution, leading antifragile fund development, venture operating management teams, and global operations across markets. With executive positions at companies such as Herbalife, Avon, and Visalus Sciences, Lyon brings a strong corporate background. Additionally, Lyon has a track record of founding and exiting multiple ventures.

Chris Ha
Managing General Partner

Chris brings a diverse background as a multi-published scientific author, investment professional, and startup expert from notable institutions such as the University of California, Stadium Goods, and SYSTEM Agency. Currently, Chris leads the firm's investment teams, oversees the operational platform, and manages the structuring and management of the antifragile series fund.

Gabriel Silva
Head of Infrastructure

As the head of technology infrastructure, Gabriel draws upon his diverse experience in both enterprise and startup companies like Warby Parker, Luminary Media, and Stadium Goods. His patient, composed, hands-on approach drives innovation, optimizes systems, architecture, and ensures sustained growth in technological and product advancements for the firm and its clients.

Wissam Damaj
Business Development - GCC

Wissam leads the firm's regional development across the Arabian Peninsula, leveraging his experience at Christie's International Real Estate, Shallon CSP, and Marriott Bonvoy. With expertise in business building and relationship management, he forges strong connections with portfolio and advisory clients.

Board Governance

Leaning on the wisdom of noble laureates, serial entrepreneurs, and industry-leading veterans.

Richard Walden
Board Director
Operation USA, CEO

Richard is the Founder and CEO of Operation USA, an NGO specializing in disaster relief and healthcare. With over 40 years of experience, Walden has led Operation USA in providing over $450 million in aid and development assistance across 100 countries. His remarkable achievements include managing relief efforts for major disasters worldwide and receiving prestigious awards such as the President's Volunteer Action Award and sharing the Nobel Peace Prize.

Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki
Board Director
Sheesha Finance, CEO

Saeed is a recognized figure in blockchain and cryptocurrency, acclaimed as CEO at Sheesha Finance, a decentralized platform merging DeFi with traditional finance. With a career starting at sovereign wealth fund ADIA in 2009, he co-founded Alphabit in 2017 to embark into blockchain. He chaired eGovern, partnering with UAE firms for tailored blockchain solutions, and in 2021, became Casper Labs' Managing Director, providing enterprise-grade blockchain solutions.

A Global Operating Presence

BoCG Ventures' operating presence across the world continues to grow with high performing leadership, regional management, and client-based growth teams.

Learn about our operations across markets and meet our core management and leadership personnel.

  • North America
    Los Angeles, California
    Orange County, California

  • Middle East
    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • South America
    Brasília, Brazil


“I ventured into cryptocurrencies and blockchain without a fully formulated idea or plan. After subscribing to the BoCG Venture Operating Model, I not only have more than both an idea and plan but also, I am on my way to scaling a corporation I never thought I’d lead with trustworthy business partners and the right strategic partners. Technology entrepreneurship is a complex journey that necessitates forthright and experienced partners available at every step and that’s the level of assurance I have with BoCG Ventures.”

Joshua Emison

Co-Founder & CEO

“Lyon possesses superior analytical and problem-solving skills that enable him to be a decisive leader in the field or in the boardroom alike. His strategic planning skills stem from an innate ability to see at least three steps in front of a decision - a proven thought leader and exceptional executive you want to go to war alongside.”

Nate Dominguez

General Manager & CFO

“In her capacity, Chris works directly with founders, boards, and investors while also listening to operating teams. I found her to be thoughtful in understanding multidisciplinary teams in order to be constructive in her scalability plans. Chris’ technical product-engineering leadership combined with her VC/PE expertise was mission-critical to our growth needs and instrumental to the M&A event to Farfetch (FTCH). In particular, she paralleled our financial and engineering roadmaps to meet business needs across markets in the US, Europe, and Asia and across internal operating systems. E-comm, ERP, payments, CS, and mobile were only a few of the systems she influenced to meet stakeholder demands across the company, investors, and customer demands. If your company is seeking scalable growth or ROI and strong execution, Chris is a sure bet.”

Sandy Tun

Founder & Executive