Antifragile Services

We offer three core pillars of service across global markets. Our service model is grounded on antifragility and follows a distinct framework. From bottom-up to top-down leadership, we practice and train based on our principles of scalable venture operations.


Our Services

Our firm collaborates with institutional partners for high value transactional advisory services across financial and accounting, information technology, operations, supply chain, strategy and commercial due diligence to private equity, and strategic investments.



We specialize in proprietary and growth development for investments as a partner to private equity and venture capital firms. This includes becoming operational partners to portfolio assets that may be distressed with both operational and technical debt hindering additional scale.


Portfolio Development

For strategic venture support, our group offers venture development services. This varies from innovation development and management, new intellectual property creation, scalability design, digital transformation, as well as strategic sector development initiatives.

Venture Ops

Innovation Design

Venture Operating Model (VOM)

BoCG Ventures is founded on our unique Venture Operating Model (VOM) to accelerate the growth of institutions, companies, and startups.

The VOM framework consists of three phases: Discovery, Engagement, and Execution.

Our commitment to the three-phased VOM model is steadfast, as it serves as the foundation for designing and developing antifragile enterprises across service types.

Engagement Phases

We incorporate the VOM framework across three core service types: 

• Advisory
• Investments 
• Venture Ops 

We follow a consistent and rigorous process that ensures effective risk management, focuses on building antifragile business fundamentals, and fosters growth and development. Throughout this journey, we prioritize the best interests of the companies and stakeholders involved.

  • Discovery: A process of hands-on diligence and Northstar Modelling across a company or target asset with direct involvement of the leadership stakeholders.

  • Engagement: Our process of designing for scalability and developing fundamentals across value creation drivers combined with leadership due diligence.

  • Execution: Transparent operational development, scale, and growth across strategic milestones and innovation management.

Antifragile Advisory

Delivering comprehensive transactional advisory services to a wide range of influential institutions and firms, leveraging our expertise and experience in facilitating successful transactions.

We collaborate with prominent Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital Investment Firms, and Sovereign Wealth Funds from the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East.

Our focus is on distressed assets, mergers & acquisitions, turnarounds, and carve outs.

Use Cases

Strategic Investments and Financial Advisory across antifragile companies and brands.


Stage: Late
Cerberus Capital Management, L.P.

Isagenix (On-Going) –
BoCG Ventures, working alongside Cerberus Capital Management, L.P., played a crucial role as an advisory partner for Isagenix, leading to a highly successful late-stage M&A and post-M&A integration. Their strategic guidance and expertise resulted in a notable $170 million acquisition. BoCG Ventures conducted a comprehensive evaluation of Isagenix's business model, oversaw the restructuring of their technology infrastructure, optimized operations, and facilitated the selection of a strategic board and the development of a roadmap for future success. This achievement demonstrates BoCG Ventures' ability to provide exceptional value to their institutional partners, while positioning Isagenix as a flourishing growth asset within the industry.


Stage: Late
Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize N.V., The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., and Bank of America Corporation

FreshDirect (Completed) –
Led the diligence, modelling, risk management, product engineering roadmap, and strategic acquisition of FreshDirect in conjunction with Dutch conglomerate, Ahold Delhaize, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America. At the brink of COVID-19 during lockdown, the delivery of fresh groceries became one of the greatest needs across the world. This process included full organizational and technical strategy, financial modeling, and strategic growth capital advisory. Investment into the asset was privately secured and syndicated while we continue to watch the growth of FreshDirect into a billion-dollar company in the coming years.

Warby Parker

Stage: Pre and Post-IPO (Public)
Service: Advisory
Institutions: T. Rowe Price Group, Inc., Jand, Inc.

Warby Parker (On-Going) – BoCG Ventures supports digital transformation infrastructure and architecture for eyeglass and vision consumer brand, Warby Parker since pre-IPO throughout its continued tech-enabled franchise growth. The eyewear start-up Warby Parker made its public debut Wednesday, via a direct listing, at $54.05 per share, soaring more than 30% above a $40 reference price. Underwritten by T. Rowe Price Group, Inc. during its public debut, this asset is now a public offering through publicly traded stocks. We continue to support infrastructure and architecture for Warby Parker’s franchise growth and digital transformation to bring efficiency across retail stores and their headless eCommerce structure as it continues to open new stores.

New Avon

Stage: Late
Service: Advisory
Institutions: Cerberus Capital Management, L.P.

Avon (Completed) – Led the Digital Transformation efforts, into M&A advisory alongside Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. As strategic advisors, we successfully led a comprehensive restructuring effort for Avon Cosmetics, transforming the century-old brand from a catalog-driven company to a fully digital shopping experience. This involved overhauling outdated legacy systems and streamlining operations for improved efficiency and profitability. Our strategic actions included divesting the US-based production plant, outsourcing the call center, selling the Cincinnati facility, and implementing third-party logistics for distribution. Additionally, we optimized workforce size through machine learning-based inventory and demand planning. The profitable completion of Avon's sale to LG Household & Health Care, Ltd., a publicly traded South Korean conglomerate, marked a successful exit for Cerberus Capital Management, resulting in a transaction valued at $125M.

Stadium Goods

Stage: Early
Service: Execution, Advisory
Institutions: LVMH Luxury Ventures, Farfetch Ltd

Stadium Goods (Completed) - Led the product-engineering roadmap, our team adeptly navigated the complex landscape of scaling operations across Europe and Asia. In developing a Magento-based roadmap, we structured the company's investment requirements, setting the stage for substantial growth and market penetration. A pivotal aspect of this initiative involved a comprehensive restructuring of our operational, technical, and support teams. Our strategic approach included the recruitment of technical talent, resulting in an impressive fivefold increase in monthly Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) within a short timeframe. The culmination of our efforts was a strategic acquisition, wherein we seamlessly integrated with Farfetch (FTCH), a prominent publicly traded e-commerce entity specializing in luxury fashion and beauty products. This transformative move, executed at a valuation of $250 million, not only solidified our market position but also underscored the success of our growth strategy.  

ViSalus Sciences

Stage: Late
Service: Advisory
Institution: Jefferies Group LLC, Bank of America Corporation

Visalus Sciences (Completed) - As steadfast advisors, we assumed a pivotal role in orchestrating the expansion of the company's valuation from $37 million to a remarkable $627 million. Our strategic guidance, in collaboration with esteemed partners such as Jeffries and Bank of America, enabled targeted investments in key areas that laid the foundation for transformative growth.Our approach centered on elevating human capital, fortifying infrastructure, harnessing the power of business intelligence, and orchestrating strategic international expansions. Through an integrated strategy, we fostered substantial advancements, driving the company's evolution. The culmination of our dedicated efforts materialized in the initiation of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2013, resulting in a valuation of $1.2 billion. The orchestrated expansion and valuation enhancement underscore our commitment to strategic acumen and effective execution, positioning the company for continued growth and prominence in the market.

Antifragile Fund Development

BoCG Ventures is expanding its investment development portfolio, with a particular focus on diversifying our antifragile thesis and venture operations in the Middle East. To support this endeavour, we have launched a structured fund to enhance our capabilities in the region.

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Antifragile Fund

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Portfolio Assets

Investing in antifragile assets structured intentionally to scale across the Middle East and GCC regions.


Stage: Early
Industry: Alternative Lending

Summary: Fractionalized Asset Platform offers an alternative lending and investment solution that benefits both property owners and everyday investors. Profitable property owners can access capital without sacrificing equity, while everyday investors have the opportunity to invest in real estate-backed assets and earn passive income.


Stage: Early
Industry: Food Security

Summary: Food Security Platform and Land-based Farming Venture offers farm-to-buyer food futures through its platform and marketplace. BoCG Ventures partnered with Emirates-based seafood market leaders to bring land-based seafood and FoodTech to the underserved markets in the Middle East. Investment and partnerships by referral or invitation only.


Stage: Early, Stealth
Industry: Biotechnology, Pharma

Summary: Bridging the gap between artificial intelligence and drug discovery, the platform takes on an infrastructure-driven approach to the development of biotechnology IP. BoCG Ventures partnered with a global development team to scale out its core search technology into a collaborative platform to transform scientific discovery. Investment and partnerships by invitation only.


Stage: Early, Stealth
Industry: Industrial Composting

Summary: Scaling industrial composting through new service models and smart analytics. Investment and partnerships by invitation only.


Stage: Early, Stealth
Industry: Edtech and Finserv

Summary: Reimagining global higher education through new service models and breakthrough technology. Investment and partnerships by invitation only.


Stage: Mid, Stealth
Industry: Media Education

Summary: Enabling the future of media-based education for children across global markets. Investment and partnerships by invitation only.

Antifragile Venture Operations

With a focus on fundamentals-driven execution and venture operations, BoCG Ventures assists serial entrepreneurs, corporations, and privately held companies in achieving tangible results.

With over a decade of experience, our firm specializes in building and scaling companies without the reliance on financial advisory or strategic investments.

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Venture Ops

Quality is never an accident; it is the result of intelligent effort.

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.

Sony Music Group

Engagement: Monetization of Internal Apollo Analytics Platform and Spotify Artists

Summary: Working with a group of data scientists, engineers, and designers to reimagine the predictive analytics behind Sony’s internal Apollo Analytics Platform. This included end to end data visualization prototypes, strategic product engineering, and monetization of their full artist catalogue. Featurization diversified across Artist Page Development, Streaming Analytics Modeling, and Audience Business Intelligence.


Engagement: Restructuring of  Sustainable Development

Summary: Modernizing a 40+ year philanthropic non-profit into a tech-driven donor advised platform. Our strategic roadmap developed the company’s need to adapt to the next generation of donors. Blockchain-based Venture Philanthropy Platform, event-driven AI for trusted disaster reliefs, extended DeFi apps for sustainable projects, and transparent warehouse modeling.


Engagement: Ground up Functional Fragrance and Wellness Brand Development

Summary: From scientific formulation design to business modeling and packaging - BoCG Ventures was enlisted to develop new wellness products in Southeast Asia. The team took the lead in developing strategic partnerships with manufacturers, shipping and logistics, packaging, and design partners from end to end. Our team stayed on from inception to product launch. 

Yes You Can!

Engagement: New Business Modeling and Development

Summary: The team conducted a comprehensive review of the company’s product offering, sales mix, pricing, operations and staff in order to provide recommendations on how to restructure the business for entry into direct selling. The market positioning developed included a complete strategic plan for the company along with an implementation roadmap for technology, operations, sales, marketing, and staffing.

YG/SAGA Entertainment

Engagement: Proprietary Platform Strategy Development for Music Entertainment Industry

Summary: Designed a strategic platform for music entertainment production, industry thought leadership, and behind the scenes content across global live events and digital media. This platform enabled a SaaS subscription model for Music, HD Content, Events, and Masterclasses complete with Information Architecture, Payments Infrastructure, and an eCommerce merchandise consumer experience.

Heyday Skincare

Engagement: Technical Discovery and Product-Engineering Roadmap Innovation

Summary: Designed antifragile systems across new website eCommerce membership model, skin esthetician booking automation, single source of truth, and human resources roadmap for enhanced product-engineering talent. Heyday Skincare’s multiple NYC location model scaled through a national rollout strategy was at the heart of the scalability roadmap design that led to another funding growth round and eventual franchise business model innovation.