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Careers @ BoCG Ventures

Have you wondered what it takes to be an investor or operator? The greatest test is to become a founder or work with a startup team. BoCG Ventures offers a unique opportunity to dive into the deep-end of private equity and venture development - to sink or swim. We believe any skill set can be learned and that the most important aspect of building companies is building the right team of entrepreneurial talent with a fail-fast mentality towards success. Join our EIR or Internship Programs to broaden your network, gain private equity insight, and foster new perspectives with BoCG Ventures.


Healthcare and Medtech

BoCG Ventures is seeking a Healthcare and Medtech Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) to bring valuable expertise and industry knowledge to dynamic healthcare and medtech companies. Responsibilities include leading consultations, shaping go-to-market strategies, and creating robust financial models. The EIR will build a strong network within the venture world, actively participate in capital calls and fundraising events, conduct pitch reviews, engage in due diligence, and contribute to decision-making. Additionally, they will organize seminars to educate healthcare professionals about private equity opportunities, fostering knowledge sharing and a stronger ecosystem. Join our team as an EIR and make a significant impact in the healthcare and medtech sector.



BoCG Ventures is actively seeking an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) with a focus on the real estate industry. As an EIR, you will play a critical role in assisting our existing portfolio assets in the real estate sector with market development and go-to-market strategies. Additionally, you will provide hands-on mentorship, innovative tactics, and operational support to proptech companies within our portfolio. Leveraging your extensive network in the industry, including brokers, property owners, and real estate transactional expertise, you will contribute valuable insights and support related to alternative lending. In this role, you will delve into recession and antifragile market tactics, particularly as they relate to new technologies shaping the real estate landscape. Join our team as an EIR and make a significant impact by driving growth and innovation in the real estate industry.

Private Equity or Venture Capital Intern

Business Intern

BoCG Ventures is seeking a Private Equity and Venture Capital Intern to join our team. As an intern in this role, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience and contribute to various aspects of our private equity and venture capital operations. Responsibilities include conducting market research on the private equity and fund operations industry, providing support in due diligence activities for markets, industries, and sectors as needed. You will also assist in business development and marketing efforts, particularly in relation to the Venture Operating Model. This internship will provide a unique opportunity to grow your understanding and engagement with entrepreneurs, founders, and investors, gaining valuable insights into the dynamic world of private equity and venture capital. Join our team and embark on a rewarding learning journey in the exciting field of private equity and venture capital.

Introducing Tracks

BoCG Ventures has designed specialized Tracks to drive its Antifragile Fund and Venture Operations in the Arabian Peninsula. This strategic approach aims to foster a sustainable economy and facilitate our diversification into emerging markets by expanding the knowledge economy with thoughtful, fundamentals-driven investment development and management.

Our Tracks

BoCG Ventures is proud to offer three new development tracks to support the development of our internal ecosystem. We empower experienced executives and tomorrow's future leaders.

We envision a scalable, sustainable ecosystem driven by our internal operators into external portfolio companies that will drive the human capital needed to foster creative innovation across global markets and industries.

  • CXO Track
    Become a fractional executive in one of our portfolio companies in the next great innovation market.

  • VOM Track
    Learn what it takes from Discovery, Engagement, and Execution with real world, hands on experience.

  • Exec Track
    Excel beyond an exit and VOM engagement into leadership and management in a scaling venture.

Get On Track

CXO Track

Are you a serial entrepreneur looking to make your next impact? Join our team on our journey to develop the next great innovation market in the Middle East. We are constantly on the lookout to place seasoned executives and experienced CXOs - with a focus to bring their expertise and knowledge to drive growth, strategy, and operational excellence within our portfolio companies.

The program focuses on hiring local talent to foster a deep understanding of the regional market and leverage the local network and resources. By combining the expertise of the fractional CXO with the insights and connections of the local workforce, the program aims to create a powerful synergy that propels the startups forward.

The fractional CXOs act as strategic leaders and mentors, guiding the startups in areas such as business development, market expansion, operational efficiency, and talent management. They provide valuable insights and guidance based on their years of experience in scaling companies, navigating challenges, and seizing opportunities.

CXO Track

Best for former CXOs

VOM Track

Participants gain valuable real-world experience by actively participating in each of the three VOM phases - Discovery, Engagement, and Execution - allowing them to apply their knowledge, skills, and expertise to tackle real challenges and make meaningful contributions.

The program provides a unique opportunity for talented managers to gain hands-on experience and exposure to real-time operations of portfolio companies through our three phases of development. By placing them in positions of oversight, they are entrusted with responsibilities such as strategic decision-making, operational management, and team leadership. 

The program also serves as a platform for identifying and grooming future leaders within the organization. Through their involvement in live portfolio company operations, VOM managers have the opportunity to showcase their abilities, demonstrate their potential, and prove their readiness for leadership roles.

VOM Track

Best for emerging leaders

Exec Track

Our Exec Track focuses on leveraging the expertise and experience of local talent who have achieved successful exits or managed portfolio companies through our CXO or VOM track. This program aims to place accomplished individuals into executive management and leadership roles within portfolios to drive growth, strategy, and operational excellence.

The program leverages the expertise of local talent, harnessing their market knowledge, cultural insights, and business acumen to maximize success. These experienced individuals have a demonstrated ability to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve successful exits, providing strategic leadership, mentorship, and operational guidance to portfolio companies.

By placing successful local talent in key executive roles, the program brings a unique blend of entrepreneurship, industry knowledge, and operational expertise to the portfolio companies. This track serves as a win-win opportunity for both executives and PortCos: fuelling innovation, maximizing value, and fostering the continued success of the ecosystem.

Exec Track

Exclusive to CXO and VOM Track leads

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